Squadron 805 Message Board Standard Operating Procedure

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Squadron 805 Message Board Standard Operating Procedure

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  1. PROFESSIONALISM: All communications on this message board by any member will be Civil Air Patrol related. Boards will be constantly monitored to ensure that all communication is conducted in accordance with CAP regulations. Anyone discussing unprofessional items will receive one warning, and will be counseled by their chain of command. Violators will be banned after the second offense.
  2. PARENT INVOLVEMENT: All cadet members of these message boards will provide a valid parent email address. Parents will be notified about the Cadet's use of the message board and will be invited to register as well. All parent registrations will be accepted, and parents are subject to the professionalism rules of conduct as well. Parents who violate the professionalism rules and are banned will have their associated Cadets banned as well.
  3. MODERATION: These boards are moderated by the Cadet Staff and Senior Members of Squadron 805. Decisions to warn or ban members will be made by these moderators, and their decisions are final, subject to the chain of command.
  4. CHAIN OF COMMAND:  All communications on this message board will be conducted in accordance with Chain of Command rules and regulations.  This message board will not be used to go around your chain of command for communications.
  5. AVATARS:  Avatars will match the poster's current Civil Air Patrol grade.  In the case of guests or parents, any of the general Civil Air Patrol logos may be used.

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